Bellin Run 2011

I didn’t do as well as last year.   But last year was one of those days when the stars aligned and everything was perfect.  Today, I was over-tired and under-trained.  I still had a great time.  If running stops being fun, I will stop running.  My goal for the day was to keep my pace around 10:00/mile and to have fun.


I’m not really sure what happened during mile 3 (Smile), but I liked it!!




The best part is that they changed the starting line madness that I experienced last year.  They did a continuous start with people in pace-assigned waves.  It was much less congested than last year and I hope they continue to do it this way.

Jaden ran the kids 1/2 mile race Friday night.  He had so much fun.  I ran it with him and when he started, I could hardly keep up.  He sprinted out of the start and started weaving around people.  He tired quickly and ended up walking up to random people on the sidewalk and telling them that he had started out too fast.  I guess we need to work on pacing with him!  Smile  I’m just glad that he enjoys it.




“I started out too fast”


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