Coffee and oatmeal. 

The perfect way to start a day.  Way better than driving an hour to report to jury duty like I had to yesterday.  Fortunately, I was dismissed.  Although, there is a chance that I will have to report again next week.

Yesterday, I went for a bike ride.  Just over 20 miles.  My longest ride so far.  And I have rather unattractive tan lines on my legs from my bike shorts.  I guess I should have been more diligent with the sunscreen.  But, I didn’t fall off my bike.  Stellar!

I’m hoping to get a run in today.  I should be doing it now because Logan is sleeping and Jaden is enthralled with Pokémon.  But, instead, I’m enjoying coffee and oatmeal.

Logan is now rolling over.


He is also starting his Jedi training.


The force is strong in him.


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