No jury duty

I got out of jury duty today.  And I think it was because I’m a vegetarian.  Strange, but true.  The case peripherally involved hunting.  One of the attorneys asked if anyone had problems with hunting and I said that I was a vegetarian, and that as a general rule, I didn’t approve of the killing of animals.  After the jury interviews, the attorneys get to strike people they don’t want on the jury.  My name was crossed off and I’m pretty sure that was why.  Not that I’m complaining.  Smile

I showed up last week for jury duty and I was dismissed because I had an appointment that afternoon with Logan.  The judge thought that was an acceptable reason to be let go.  I agreed.  That trial was supposed to take one day.  I found out today, that it was a three day trial.  Yikes!  I couldn’t even imagine that.  I was miserable just spending a couple hours at the courthouse. 

But, my service for the month is over.  And now I’m off the hook for at least the next four years. 

So, I came home and hopped on my treadmill for a 5 mile run.  The weather here has been oppressive (to say the least).  Temps have been above 90 degrees and the heat index is hovering at about 110!

Last night we had a pretty scary storm come through.  I was listening to the emergency radio and all the local firefighters were out doing their weather spotting duties.  There were some clouds that showed some rotation, but no tornadoes locally.  Tim and I took the boys and the dogs into the basement.  The cat wouldn’t cooperate, so he was on his own.  We lost power for a couple hours, but eventually the storm passed.  Rainfall totals in some places were as high as five inches!  We didn’t have any damage, but I’ve heard a lot of people woke up with flooded basements.






I think it has been about 20 years since I’ve actually gone to the basement for a storm. I usually think that storms are blown out of proportion, but this one was pretty bad. When I can hear the firefighters on the radio talking about the clouds and recognize the anxiety in their voices, I take things pretty seriously.


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