Brad Bauer Memorial Run


Today was a fun day of running for the ODonnell clan.  We headed to the bustling metropolis of Spencer to tackle the inaugural Brad Bauer Memorial 5K and Kids’ Run.  Tim and I started the morning with the 5K.  He took off at a blistering sub-9-minute mile pace and I just tried to keep up.  It actually felt pretty good.  I felt like I was running strong and the pace wasn’t killing me, like it rightly should have.  First mile: 8:47!  The second mile was more of the same, although I started to notice that I was experiencing some intestinal distress (TMI, I get it).  I was still able to keep up with Tim.  Second mile: 8:46!!

The third mile started fine, but my stomach was really starting to revolt at this point.  I made it to 2.75 miles (in just over 24 minutes!) before I had to walk.  I hate having to walk when my legs still have life left in them.  I ended up walking the entire rest of the race, finishing in 31:40.  Sad smile  I was on par to definitely get a post-pregnancy PR and was pushing toward an all-time PR.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t in the cards for me today.  To say I was frustrated is an understatement.

After all the runners finished, they started lining up the kids and then they did a quick awards ceremony for the 5K.  Somehow, someway, I ended up with 3rd place in my age division!  I was floored…then I realized that I had been ahead of the the first and second place finishers, until I started walking.  Definitely a bittersweet award.  The men’s results were next and Tim got 3rd place in his age division!  What a great day for us.  (I told Tim to keep running and leave me behind.  I didn’t want to ruin his day, too.)


Jaden’s race was next.  They did the kids’ races entirely on the track.  Great idea.  I loved being able to run across the infield to cheer him on.  He looked great and led for the first half of the (one lap) race.


He started getting tired about half way through.  I really need to work on pacing with him.  (That is the understatement of the year regarding Jaden Smile)


He was pretty tired when he was done, but he had a great time!  As long as he is having fun, I’ll let him run as many races as he wants to.


He got second in his age group!  Turned out to be a great day for the family.


After the kids’ races, they announced the winner of the kids raffle.  They had a 20” mountain bike, helmet and water bottle that had all been donated, and each kid in the race had a raffle ticket in their swag bag.  Unfortunately, we had left the swag bag in our car at grandpa’s house.  They called off the number, ending in 112, and no one went forward to claim the prize.  They said that they had a list of everyone’s raffle tickets and they would contact the winner.  We walked back to the car and dug in Jaden’s bag to pull out ticket…#112!  Couldn’t believe his luck!!  So, we piled in the car and drove down to get his bike.  He was so stoked.  It is a little big for him, but he has a bike that fits him now and when he outgrows this one, he has another one waiting for him.

Then we decided to take our free meal tickets to the softball field for an early lunch.  I think that 10:30 is a bit ridiculous for lunch, but it was free.  I gave my meal ticket to my dad because they didn’t have any vegetarian options.  He bought me some really yummy cheese curds.

They had a bouncy house for the kids, so we bought Jaden a ticket before we left.


I’m so glad we did this race.  It was super-close to home.  Grandpa took a day off work so that he could watch the boys while Tim and I ran the 5K.  The race was very well organized (even though I would change the course that it wasn’t an out-and-back), they even had Dilly Bars for everyone after they ran…and grey T-shirts; much better than white.  I’m not sure we will do this one next year, only because it is the same weekend as some of the other races in the area that we want to do.  But, we will definitely run it again at some point.


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