Garden construction

I have wanted a garden at our house for the longest time.  But, I don’t know how to go about building one.  I didn’t just want to till up part of the lawn and then hope that something would grow.  So…I enlisted the help of our friends, Ben and Amy.  They own a greenhouse.  He has a degree in growing things.  Basically…they are gardening geniuses.  He has acres of things growing.  I just wanted a little 12×4 foot plot.

So, today after church (and pizza), we started working on it.  We had a bunch of patio bricks left over from when we had to tear out the patio in order for our back yard to be excavated and the basement wall fixed.  It’s a long story.

We decided to dig up two peony bushes and put the garden next to the south side of the house.  There it would get a good amount of sun and we shouldn’t have to worry about drainage too much.


We put down a border of old stuff we had lying around and then filled in with the patio bricks.

Overall, I am very pleased with it.  It didn’t take us long at all!  Now I have to put in some grass clippings on the bottom.  Then I’ll put in some fill dirt (anyone know where I can get some?), and top it off with some leaves in the fall.

I am really looking forward to spring when I can finally plant my own garden.  I’m envisioning spinach and tomatoes and peppers and herbs and onions and potatoes.  I won’t have to raid my mom’s garden (as much).  I’m still looking for a blueberry bush.  If I can find a couple, I will probably pull out the hollyhocks next to the garden and put them in there.

I’m giddy!  And I have great friends!!

Obligatory photo of Logan.  Smile

3 thoughts on “Garden construction

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  2. Good luck Heather. I love my garden. It’s like having a Farmer’s Market in the backyard, my favorite time of year.

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