CNA class woes

My attitude toward my CNA class is not improving.  But, it isn’t entirely my fault.  The instructor is treating the class like we are a bunch of junior high kids.  She basically just reads us the power point outline.  I am an adult.  I know how to read.  I don’t need someone to do that for me.

She assigned a word find to us for review.  Instead of a normal word find, where we circle the review term, this one required us to find each word multiple times and write down how many times it was in the word find.  I really have better things to do than look for the same word 20 times.  I really don’t feel that is a good teaching or learning activity.  There are other ways to measure whether or not I am understanding the material.

I have such a hard time staying awake when she is just reading things.  And she says ‘um’ about a hundred times.  She doesn’t have a great way of presenting information and while she is a nurse, she doesn’t do much to build up her credibility.  She trips over pronunciations…and not even the really difficult ones.  She can’t say “diastole,” “cerumen,” or “integumentary.”  I know they aren’t words you use all the time, but if you work in the medical field, you have to be able to say these things with confidence, or you risk destroying your credibility.  She really struggled with “atherosclerosis” to the point where another student had to help her out.

Her description of the disorders of the endocrine system…”when thing get out of whack, things can go bad.  They can get really sick.”  Seriously?!?  Verbatim, folks.  I can’t make this stuff up.


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