Long weekend

Tim just got back last night from spending 4 days with his brother in Colorado.  I was on my own with the boys (and the animals) while he was gone.

What I learned while Tim was on vacation…

1)  I can do more than I thought I could…but I don’t want to.

I am the type of person who tends to take on a lot.  My plate is always full, I am always busy, and I am typically multi-tasking.  So, I know that I can get a lot done during the course of the day.  But, when you have two adults in the house, it makes sense that more would get done.  When Tim was gone, I had to do the things that I normally do, along with the things that he normally does.  I did it, but I realized that the house runs a lot smoother when he is there doing his part. 

2)  No matter how tired I think I am…I can always be more exhausted.

Part of this reflects #1.  For example, on Friday night, I had to work as an EMT at the local football game.  My dad took the boys up there.  Jaden had a blast, but we got home rather late and it was past his bedtime.  Fortunately, Logan slept in his car seat while I put Jaden to bed.  Unfortunately, Logan didn’t want to go to bed as willingly.  He was fussy and wanted to be held.  It was quite late when I finally got him to sleep and got into bed myself.  Then, at 1:45, Jaden came into my room to tell me that he had wet the bed…which happens sometimes when he is over tired.  I cleaned him up and had him climb in bed with me (I was too tired to clean up his bed).  At 3:30, Logan woke up and needed to be fed.  Then, at 5:30, Logan decided it was time to get up for the day.  Exhaustion reached new levels that day.  If Tim had been home, he could have put Jaden to bed while I was putting Logan to bed.  He would have dealt with Jaden wetting the bed and I would have gotten up to feed Logan.

3)  It is okay to ask for help…I would not have made it through the weekend without my dad.

My dad took the boys to the football game on Friday night.  He hung out with Jaden, and fed him dinner, and even figured out how to get the stroller in the trunk.  Then, on Monday night, when I had class, he came over and watched the boys for me.  He fed them both dinner and figured out how to make Logan a bottle, even though I forgot to show him where everything was.  He even got Jaden to bed on time…although Jaden said that he didn’t read the bedtime story the right way.  Dad changed Logan’s diaper, and crawled around with him on the floor (while watching Monday Night Football).  I also had help at church on Sunday.  I had to be there early because I was volunteering in the café.  But, my friend Amy, had her laptop there and she let Jaden and a friend play games while they waited for their children’s service to start.  She also grabbed Logan out of his car seat and held him while I set up the café. 


I hope that Tim doesn’t leave again any time soon.  Even though I know I can handle everything while he is gone, life goes so much more smoothly when he is around.  Maybe I should take a vacation??


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