Green Bay Duathlon

This was my first ever relay race.  Tim and I put fort h a joint effort on Sunday to tackle the run, bike, run Green Bay Duathlon.

Tim started with a 3 mile run, I took on a 32 mile bike course, and then Tim finished with a 1 mile run.  It was a blast.  Of course, I wasn’t the one who had to sit around for almost two hours and wait.  Smile

the race started at 7:30 and they sent the runners off in waves.  There were about 50 people per wave and it really spread things out…to avoid congestion in the transition area.  Tim was in the 5th wave, so I had a little while to hang out and wait for him to finish his three miles.

During that time, I got to see the hard-core athletes of the first two waves come through.  These guys were crazy.  I was amazing just watching how fast they were in the transition.  Half of them already had their shoes clipped onto their pedals and they ran out of transition barefoot and then clipped in.  I could never do that.  I would most certainly fall.

I need to remind Tim to smile when he sees the photographer.

Once Tim came into transition, I grabbed the ankle strap and took off on my bike.  it was basically an out and back course from Lambeau Field through De Pere and into Wrightstown and back.  The course was beautiful.  There was a bit of a head wind on the way out.  I distinctly remember miles 10 and 12 being pretty tough.  At one point, we took this Rustic Road past some gorgeous homes.  The entire course was great.  We paralleled the river and the leaves were changing and if I hadn’t been so focused on my butt hurting and my quads burning, I certainly would have enjoyed the scenery more.

My goal was to make sure I averaged more than 15.5 mph.  That is my standard training speed.  During my last duathlon, I average 17.5 mph, but the course was less than half as long as this one.  I had a hope that I would be able to maintain 17.5 for this one, but with the longer course and the slight head wind, I just wasn’t sure that it would be do-able.

How beautiful is that picture?  I love the trees and the open road and my pink bike jersey.

And…I remembered to smile at the photographer!

Once, I turned the corner in Wrightstown (and rode up this nasty bridge), I knew that I would have a tail wind on the way back.  I tried to maintain a faster speed and hoped for a negative split.  When I got back to De Pere, I knew I was getting closer.  I also rode right past the spot where I fell while running last year’s Noodleini.

When I got back to the transition area, I hopped off my bike and had Tim take the ankle strap and head out for his final 1 mile run.  My legs felt like jello.  I changed my shoes and took off my helmet and made my way to the finish line to see Tim finish.

Oops…forgot to smile, honey!

Tim’s times were fantastic.  I don’t think he has ever run this fast.  There is a speed demon just trying to break out of him.














I think our overall time was pretty good.  I was happy with how we did and I would definitely do this race again.  I would probably have Jaden run it with us next yar.  He could certainly do the last mile.  There were actually quite a few kids running that last mile.  The course is designed that way specifically to get children involved.  It is a great idea!!

I was excited about averaging 17.1 mph during the ride.  I wanted to finish in under 1:55 (my ‘crazy’ goal was under 1:50).  Like I mentioned, miles 10 and 12 were particularly difficult and when I studied the data, those were my slowest miles.  Also, the HUGE hill at the turn around slowed me down a bit.  I think that I could do better if I actually trained for the event.















So, what’s next…

November 5th is the Hewitt Pumpkin Run!  I ran this race two years ago (skipped it last year due to pregnancy).  It is a small, local run.  I love supporting the local events.  They are typically small, but enthusiastic.  And I think it is important to support them so that we can continue to have these local races.  And they usually support a good cause.  Also, they have a kid’s race, so it will be a family affair!  If the weather is nice, maybe I’ll shoot for a PR.  All I’d have to do is try to keep up with my husband!


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