Update on the boys

Logan turned 8 months old.  He is scooting all over the place, but not really ‘crawling.’  He doesn’t pick his belly up off the floor.  He can push himself up if he has something low enough from which to get leverage.  So…no pulling up on the couch, but if he scoots over to the fireplace, he can use that to push himself to standing.  He also has two teeth on the bottom and he appears to have invented his own language.  I’d like to say that he is a linguistic genius, but it sounds rather like he is possessed.  We laugh at him.  Smile

Yesterday, Logan went with my dad and I to Madison.  He stayed with my aunt, while dad and I watched the Badgers pummel Indiana!!  I don’t think I had ever been to a Badger game.  I definitely prefer professional football to college, but being there with many thousands of Badger fans was really exciting.

The down side is that the student section gets all vulgar and starts chanting profanities.  The Chancellor encouraged the students to refrain from the chanting and even said that if they went the whole game without doing it, they would draw two students for tickets to which ever bowl game Wisconsin ended up going to.  I thought that was a good incentive, but the students didn’t seem to care.  They ended up chanting their vulgarities anyway.  It just doesn’t present a very favorable view of the student body.

After the game, we went to Noodles and Company.  Neither my dad, nor my aunt had ever been there, so I was happy to introduce them to the wonderful deliciousness that it is.  And then….Whole Foods! I love that place. I could have spent much more time (and money) there, but it was getting late and we had a 3 hour drive home.

Logan was so fussy on the way home.  I had to climb into the back seat of my dad’s car to try to settle him down and nothing worked.  Eventually, I got out a jar of baby food and put his bib on him.  I tried my best to feed him in his car seat in the dark.  I kept tapping the touch screen on my phone so that I would have some light.  Logan fell asleep after about a third of the jar.  Guess he was hungry.

Jaden had his parent/teacher conference last week.  His teacher says he is doing well.  His reading and writing skills are where she would expect them to be at the end of kindergarten.  However, she did have to put a ‘wiggle pad’ on his chair because he can’t sit still (I already knew that.)  It is a blue plastic pad that absorbs some of his movement.  He also told me that he got a new nap spot.  He seemed pretty excited about it, but when I talked to his teacher, she confirmed that he was moved because he has a tendency to be a distraction.  (I already knew that too.)

We are in the midst of searching for a new day care provider for the boys.  The wonderful lady we have used for the last 3+ years has decided to take a different job.  I am really worried about what we are going to do.  We met with a potential provider today, but I didn’t get a comfortable feeling around her.  There was nothing wrong with her, but I just didn’t get the sense that it was the right spot for the boys.  I guess we’ll keep looking.  But we only have two weeks, so I hope that we can find something soon.

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