Hewitt Pumpkin Run 2011

Jaden and I ran the Hewitt Pumpkin run today.  Tim was supposed to run it too, but he was stuck in bed with a nasty cold.  The kids’ race was first and Jaden was really excited to run with his cousin, Brady.

I ran this race two years ago (skipped it last year because I was pregnant), and the kids’ race then was basically just a print to the end of the parking lot and back.  This year, it was a half mile course.  I don’t think Jaden knew it was going to be that long.  He does what he usually does…start out fast and fade at the end!  Smile

Walking break.

It was a little windy.  He almost lost his hat.

After Jaden’s race, came the 5K.  My cousin, Jason, was there and he decided to run with me.  This is a big deal…he is faster than I am.  And I wanted to run this race fast.  His Garmin is set to beep if our pace is faster than 9:00/mile.  It was beeping a lot.  At one point, I told him that I had no business running at the pace we were going.  But, I was able to maintain the pace.

I knew I would slow down once we turned the corner.  At that point we were running into the wind.  But, it didn’t last long, and the second mile was only slightly slower than the first mile.  And, most importantly, I was still feeling pretty good.

About halfway trough the third mile, my legs started picking up the pace.  It was almost completely out of my control.  I kept staring at my Garmin, thinking that I had to slow down.  I wonder what would have happened if I just ran the speed my legs wanted to go and quit focusing on the numbers on the watch…I guess running is mental.


3 thoughts on “Hewitt Pumpkin Run 2011

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  3. Heather, thanks for your inspiration to run. I ran the whole race. I went into it thinking I might have to walk some but 37:31 later I did it. And i have you to thank. I plan to keep it going. Whooo hoooo!

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