Someday…I will get to sleep through the night.

Someday…I will get to drink an entire cup of coffee in one sitting, while it is still hot.

Someday…I will get to run more than three consecutive miles, without stopping to feed/change/comfort/play with someone.

Someday…I will get to go to the bathroom in peace.

Someday…I will get to eat a meal without picking something up off the floor.

Someday…my facebook status updates will involve my own accomplishments.

Someday…I will get to lick the beaters.

Someday…I will get to make one meal, instead of turning into a short order cook at dinner time.

Someday…I will get to nap when necessary.

Someday…I will get to enjoy more than a fleeting moment of silence.

Someday…every conversation won’t involve negotiating.


Until then…I’m just ‘mom.’


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