I’m having surgery

On Friday, I am having surgery.  The details of this particular surgery will remain intentionally vague.  I’m convinced that there are certain things you don’t want to know about me.  What I will say is that the surgery involves repairing what childbirth did to me.  Yep, it will be as much fun as it sounds.

I have to begin a clear liquid diet on Wednesday morning (after breakfast) and continue that clear liquid diet until Thursday night.  Then, I will be fasting until the surgery on Friday morning.  I’ll be checking myself in at the ER registration desk at 5:30 Friday morning.  As I’m going in to surgery, Tim will be dropping the kids off at day care and heading to work.

By noon, Friday, I should be out of anesthesia and getting settled into my room in the hospital, where I’ll be hanging out for 3-5 days.  The only time I’ve spent in the hospital, prior to this, has been the birth of my two children.  I guess, this stay can be attributed to my children, as well.  Winking smile

I’m not all that concerned about the surgery itself.  The surgeon described the procedure in a very straightforward way.  I realize that any time you are under anesthesia, there are certain risks.  The procedure itself has potential risks, but they are rare.  I know that it is part of the surgeon’s job to make the procedure sound routine and to ensure that I put my trust in him.  I guess he did a good job, because I feel confident that everything that will be fine.

I’m not exactly sure what the recovery process will be like.  I will be off work for three weeks, until the beginning of January.  I’ve been told that I won’t be able to run for 6 weeks.  (I’m hoping that was a generous estimate and that once I have my post-op check up, he’ll clear me for activity sooner than 6 weeks.)  I will also have lifting restrictions.  I am imagining some time to catch up on much needed sleep.  That is probably wishful thinking.  I’m not sure how I’ll be able to rest once I get home and get back to the kids.

I am a little concerned about how Tim and the boys are going to get along without me while I’m in the hospital and during my recovery.  We usually tag-team the kids in the morning before work.  It can be very difficult to get Jaden to bed if Logan is fussy.  And it is just exhausting to chase after both boys without anyone to go to for a reprieve.   At least my mom is willing to watch the boys on Saturday while Tim is at work.

I should probably stock up on frozen pizzas.  That is Tim’s go-to meal if I’m not going to be around for dinner.  I did put some stuff in the freezer, but I have a feeling that they will still be there when I get home.  Which will be fine.  I’m sure I won’t feel much like cooking.

I’ve also had to wean Logan.  I hate it…for more than just the obvious discomfort.  I was really hoping to be able to nurse Logan for a year.  I hate the feeling of inadequacy I have knowing that I won’t be able to nurse him for a full year.  I am going to miss putting him to bed and getting to snuggle with him after he falls asleep.  That, and formula is REALLY expensive.  Oh, and Logan still isn’t sleeping through the night.  Making a bottle can be a challenge when you’re pretty much asleep.

So…that is the nuts and bolts of the story.  If you are so inclined, I would appreciate some prayers for the procedure and my recovery.  And, even more so, please pray for Tim and the boys.  It is going to be tough for them while I’m in the hospital.  I’m hoping that Tim will be able to come down with the boys to visit me while I’m in the hospital.  I can’t imagine going 3-5 days without seeing them.


p.s.  Did anyone else notice that the Packers are 12-0?  Smile


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