Home Sweet Home

I got home from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon…thanks to some great friends who gave me a ride.  Thursday and Friday I was home alone trying to relax and heal.  I am no good at resting and doing nothing.  Thursday, I did some laundry and tried to do a few other things around the house.  By the end of the day, I was worn out and really sore.  Friday, I did nothing.  By the end of the day, I was worn out and really sore.

Today, I had both kids home and Tim was at work.  I never would have made it through the day without our good friend Amy coming over to help out.  She made cookies with Jaden.  She helped with Logan.  She took Jaden to McDonald’s for lunch and let him play on the playground there for a long time.  Without her help, I never would have made it…and Logan took more than a 3 hour nap.

Tonight, I had a stitch come out and I freaked out.  But, it has been over a week since the surgery.  I’m not bleeding and there is no gaping hole, so I have to relax and realize that my body is trying to heal itself.  (But I did facebook one of the residents and asked him, just to be sure.)

And…my tongue is still numb.  It is crazy.  I don’t know why I haven’t regained any sensation.  It is just the tip of my tongue.  I haven’t bit it yet (knock on wood).  Logan has an appointment in Ears/Nose/Throat on Wednesday next week, and I am going to ask the doctor about it.

Tim and I have eaten very well the last few days.  We have some fantastic friends from church and they sure can cook!  Our church is great about stepping up in times like this.  They really do help out in practical ways when there is a family who needs it.

Here is a look at what we will deal with for the next week or so.

Every year, we get out this snowman and Christmas tree.  They sing and dance.  Penny is convinced that they are hers.  Something maternal happens inside her.  She rarely leaves their side.  She stays near them to ‘protect’ them.  If we pick them up and put them on the counter, she will stretch out on the floor below them.  And, after Christmas, when we put them away…she will search for them until Easter.


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