That was a close one

For almost 6 years, we have been telling people that we are lucky to get through each and every day without having to take Jaden to the ER.  He is rambunctious, impulsive, and all boy.

Today, around 2:15, I got a phone call from his school.  As soon as I saw the number on the caller ID,  I knew something was wrong.  Why else would the school call in the middle of the day.  Turns out, Jaden had cut his eye while he was playing on the playground.  The secretary asked if I could come and get him, because they felt that he might need stitches.

Well, normally this would be a very easy task.  Except that I am still recovering from surgery.  I slowly gimped around the house, gathering Logan and the diaper bag and my purse (but somehow forgot to put a jacket on…it was 20-something degrees…how do I forget a jacket!??!).  I grabbed my inflatable doughnut to sit on and carefully loaded everything into the car.  Logan, while in his car seat, exceeds what I am supposed to be lifting.

I got to the school and Jaden was in the office with an ice pack on his right eye.  They had put a piece of gauze over the cut and taped in on.  I got him in the car and we drove to the clinic in town.  I’m taking Vicodin…I certainly wasn’t going to drive him to the ER!  I texted Tim to let him know.

Jaden told me the story of what happened.  He was sliding down the snow hill (on his bottom!!) and when he got to the bottom, he fell forward and hit his eye on some hard ice.  Then someone tripped over him.  (That didn’t add to his injuries, it just happened to be part of the story.)  Then he touched his eye with his jacket to see if there was any blood…and there was blood!  So he told the teacher on the playground.  He was very brave.  He didn’t even cry.  (“I thought about crying, but then I just didn’t.)

When we got to the clinic, he entertained the staff by repeatedly telling the story…very animatedly.  The doctor came in and took a look at the cut and made the decision to go with steri-strips instead of stitches.  I think I agree with that.  The cut was clean and not very deep, so it should heal quite well.

Jaden will probably have a black eye in the Christmas pictures, but I told him we would make up a story to explain it.  In the meantime, he should just tell people “you should see the other guy.”

He has some lovely hat head going on in this picture.

That tape residue is going to take forever to come off.

Another crisis averted.  (until next time.)


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