January update

Is anyone else having a hard time believing that January is over already?  We are a little more than 8% done with 2012.  How are those resolutions coming?

One of my resolutions this year was to (finally) run 1000 miles.  After today’s 4.75 miles, I have 63 miles for the year.  That leaves me with 937 miles left…averaging out to 85.2 miles per month.  Challenging, but doable!  Half marathon training starts next week and I still plan on doing a marathon in the fall.  This is also the most miles I’ve run since May of 2011.  Hmmm…what would have slowed me down after that?

I finished the accelerated class I was taking in January (got an A!).  This was my last pre-requisite for the nursing program!  However, in the process, I strained the muscles in my eyes for near focus.  For a few days, I couldn’t really see anything, everything was really blurry.  I went to see the eye doctor who basically told me to stop wearing my contacts, wear my glasses (to move the focal point further from my eyes), get through my class, give my eyes a break, and then get my eyes examined for a new prescription.  So…tomorrow I go in for an eye exam, and likely a new prescription.  Which stinks, because I have two full boxes of contacts that I can’t wear.  Sad smile  Love wasting money.

Logan is getting tubes in his ears next Monday…a week before his first birthday.  When we went in for the pre-op appointments last week, his pediatrician prescribed two different nebulized medications.  We are doing Albuterol as needed to try to clear up some of the gunk in his lungs.  And we are doing Budesonide every night for the next 8 weeks to try to prevent childhood asthma.  It breaks my heart to hear him coughing and trying to breathe through all the congestion.  And he HATES the nebulizer.  He fights it with everything he has.  The only way we can give him the treatment is to do it at night when we are putting him to bed.  I’ll sit in the chair and give him his bottle, and Tim will hold the nebulizer and do the treatment.  The bottle seems to settle him down enough.  I have tried to do the Albuterol while he is napping, but last time, it woke him up.  And this morning, he didn’t sleep long enough for me to get in there.  Maybe the afternoon nap?

Does anyone have any suggestions to make the nebulizer process any easier?


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