Deja vu

It’s RSV season.  Do you know what that means?  It means that I am spending the night in the hospital with Logan.  Sad smile

I feel like we just did this.  Tim took Logan to the pediatrician today.  Even though I had made the appointment with the on-call doctor, we were able to see our regular pediatrician.  He listened to his lungs and we talked a bit about Logan’s history.  He decided that he would do a swab for RSV, do an albuterol nebulizer treatment in the clinic and then get a chest X-ray.

After all of that, Logan and Tim hung out in Pediatrics for a while so that Logan could fall asleep.  They wanted to check his oxygen saturation levels while he was sleeping.  While he was awake, they were about 92%-94%.  Not great, by any stretch, but not frighteningly bad all by themselves.  His oxygen levels were pretty much the same while he was sleeping. 

So, we were at a crossroads.  Do we take him home and keep an eye on him, or do we spend the night at the hospital?  Knowing that RSV gets worse before it gets better, and that we were only on day two, I wasn’t really comfortable with the idea of monitoring him at home.  And…ultimately, my gut told me that the hospital was the way to go.  I always trust my gut when it comes to my kids.

I’m glad that I went with my gut.  The RSV swab came back positive and the chest X-ray showed pneumonia. 

Did I mention that tomorrow is his birthday?

Tim stayed in the hospital with Logan until I got off work.  I get the overnight shift and then I’ll have to go back to work tomorrow and Tim will stay with Logan during the day.  I’m grateful that Tim’s employer is being so understanding and flexible.

The first few hours at the hospital, they did an albuterol treatment every hour.  Now we are doing that every four hours and he gets a second medication, through the nebulizer, every 8 hours. 

I am hoping that he doesn’t need an IV, but he isn’t working very well with me on that.  I told the resident that I would have Logan take an 8 oz bottle when I put him to bed.  Instead, Logan took 5 ounces, threw it up all over me, then took 3 more ounces. 

After that, it took me forever to get him to settle down and fall asleep.  Then they said that he needs his first dose of amoxicillin at 9:00pm.  Why wouldn’t they have given that earlier?  After I finally get him asleep, I have to wake him up to give him the medication?!?  I tried to get him to take it without waking up, but it just dripped down his face.

At 11:00, they are going to come in and give him another albuterol treatment.  (side effect of albuterol:  jitteriness)  I’m hoping that they will wait until the morning to give him the IV.  I don’t have high hopes for that.

I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight.  Tomorrow is a pretty busy day at work.  I would have been overwhelmed even if my son wasn’t in the hospital, and even if I had gotten a full night’s sleep.  Neither of those things are going to happen. 

Please pray for Logan.  Pray that he will recover quickly.  Pray that the nebulizer treatments work.  Pray that we get to go home tomorrow.  Pray that I will suffer from situational amnesia and that I will forget that this ever happened.


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