Next month can’t get here fast enough

So…I have a half marathon next month!  Wow.  I realize that it is still very early March and my race is near the end of April, but that is still next month.  It has been a long time since I have run a race.  My last one was when I rocked my 5K PR at the Noodleini….way back on Thanksgiving weekend.  That means it will be 5 months between races.  I hate going that long.  I start getting antsy for a race.  I am really looking forward to this one.

My training has been going pretty well…stomach issues not withstanding.  Of course, all of my training has been on the treadmill and races tend to be held on the roads.  I’d like to get a few training runs completed outside, but that is difficult enough in the winter in Wisconsin…throw a job and a couple kids into the mix and my treadmill becomes my best friend.

Today, I am taking Logan in for his follow up appointment after getting tubes in his ears last month.  I feel like the clinic has been our second home lately.  Not only do I spend my working hours there, but since Logan’s procedure to get the tubes in, we have also been there for 4 other appointments…today being number 5.  (Next week, I get to take Jaden in.)

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