Small town life

There are certain things about living in a small town that aren’t a whole lot of fun.  We don’t have an abundance of fancy restaurants.  We don’t have many opportunities for shopping.  There aren’t a lot of plays, sporting events, or cultural activities like those you would find in larger cities.

But, there is one thing that a small town has, that no big city could ever compete with.  The people.

I’ve lived in this small town for most of my life.  I’ve complained about it for almost as long.  But the past few days have reminded me why I will always call this little corner of the world ‘home.’

On Sunday afternoon, my small community was rocked by tragedy.  We lost an amazing man.  He was also a native son, someone who has lived here for most of his life.  He served this community in many ways: as a deputy sheriff, firefighter and EMT, ultimately giving his life to protect it.

I knew Jamison for almost 20 years.  I would say the same things about him that everyone else is saying.  He was a great man. He was quick with a smile or a joke.  He served selflessly.  He loved his family.  These are the things we are hearing from everyone.  Jamison was loved by this town.  He is going to be missed beyond what any words can describe.  Everyone who knew him is better because they crossed paths with him.

In dealing with this horrible tragedy, my small, little town has banded together fiercely.  People are comforting each other.  They are sharing stories of why they loved Jamison.  Even though we are all hurting, everyone is coming together to get through this.  The pain we are feeling right now is intense.  It is going to take a while, but this small town is resilient.  And we support each other.  And somehow, we will get through this.


5 thoughts on “Small town life

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  2. So true. I am proud to live in a small town. I was born in Oshcosh, an lived in Stevens Point till I was 11. Was furious with my dad for moving us out to the Country, swore I was going to move back to the city when I turned 18. I am 33 now, an have no desire to live in a city where the the people to protect you do not know hardly anybody. To the person who left the comment on the 8th, it is very disrespectful. I do not live in Colby, but my child goes to school there. I did not know Detective Jamison Kampmeyer, but wish I had. He is a true Hereo for doing what he did day in an day out. I want to thank all our service men an women who risk there lives every day for our safety an freedom. (Military, E.M.T.’s, Firefighters, And Lawenforcement officers. God Bless You all.)

  3. This was great Heather, Thanks for sharing. And yes, we may not like it living in a small town so much. But this amazing small town is a Family, and that’s what I love about it as well. He will be truly missed by all. R.I.P. Jamison

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