March recap

So…here are my totals for the month of March.  I still have plans of hitting 1000 miles for the year.

Running: 87 miles  (January-63, February- 76)

Year to date: 226 miles

That leaves a balance of 774 miles to get to 1000.  To reach my goal, I will need to average 86 miles per month for the rest of the year.  That seems almost doable.  I’m relatively happy with my March totals.  There were a few days when I didn’t work out because other things were happening, but that is life.  That is going to happen every month.

I also dusted off my bike in March and went for my first bike ride of the year…only 12 miles, but it felt great.

I have started this crazy P90X thing that everyone and their brother has been doing for the past couple of years.  I am not going through the program in the order that I should, but I have tested out a couple of the workouts.  I’m going to try to get into a rhythm of doing these workouts a couple times a week.

I am also working on being able to do pushups.  I am up to about 8-11 in each set; doing 5 sets.  If I just did one set, I could probably do 15 in a row.  I’ve never been able to do that many ‘real’ pushups.  I am hoping that between the pushups and the P90X, to be able to do a pull up before the Tough Mudder race in September.

Only a few weeks until my half marathon.  Hoping for a successful 12 mile run tomorrow.


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