I promise…he really does love riding his dinosaur.  He was laughing and giggling and swinging his legs…right up until the time I got the camera.  Little stinker!

Today was a pretty important day.  I ventured over to the (semi) local community college to sit through an orientation and to register for my classes for next semester.  Nursing school is finally going to happen!  I realized today that I have basically been taking pre-requisites (or on a waiting list) since September of 2008.  That’s a long time!

My schedule is pretty nice.  I’ll drive to Wausau on Mondays and Thursdays for class or clinicals.  I should be home in time to get the kids after school.  On Tuesdays, I will go to the school’s satellite campus in Spencer (a 10 minute drive vs. a 45 minute drive) to take two classes via interactive TV.  I am so glad that this option exists.  It will save me money on gas, time on commuting, and give me a better chance of finding a part time job.

The job is what is stressing me out the most, right now.  I’ve been unemployed since the end of March.  I am looking for something part-time, with some flexibility so that I can still spend time with my family.  And the kicker….I can’t work weekends.  I just don’t have reliable child care, and Tim works every Saturday.  I was hoping to find a part time CNA  job so that I could get some more health care experience, but they all seem to require weekend hours.  I’m getting discouraged and frustrated.  I am really hoping that something will work out…and soon.  I am not good at staying home all day.  I get bored too easily.

Here, he’s giving the dinosaur a hug.  I told you he liked the dinosaur.


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