Five things Friday

1.   It is race weekend!  I am frantically trying to pack.  This is a challenge.  We are taking the kids with us, so there are all sorts of things that need to come along.  I really miss the days when I could go for a weekend with just a backpack.  I don’t think that will ever happen again.

2.  I am frantically checking the weather.  It is going to be cooler that I would like.  I prefer the temps to be on the warm side.  I don’t really mind running when it is 70 degrees, and I certainly prefer that to 40 degrees.  It will probably still be in the 30s when the race starts on Sunday morning.  Current forecast says mid-high 30s and a chance of rain that morning.  Brrr!!!

3.  I signed up for a marathon!  In October, I will be running the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon.  This weekend’s half marathon is a test to see how my GI issues handle a long race.  I have been working on my training plan the last few days.  I can’t wait to start training.

4.  I am adapting my diet for this race.  I have had GI issues that plague me anytime I try to run long.  Starting today, I am cutting out the fiber from my diet.  I have done a lot of research into the types of foods that can cause the symptoms I am having.  I have downloaded lists onto my phone so that I can refer to my research prior to every meal.  I am not looking forward to this…especially because I might be doing all this eliminating, and not get any benefits from it.  But, it is worth a shot.  Especially since I can’t get in to see a GI doc until the middle of June!!

5.  I was going through my dresser today, as I was packing for the weekend.  I realized that I could wear nothing but race T-shirts for an entire month, and not wear the same one twice.  Not. Even. Close.  This made me very happy.


Goals for Sunday’s half marathon:

A goal: This would be my dream…2:10.  If everything goes perfectly, and I work my tail off, this is what the running gods could bless me with. (9:56/mile)

B goal: If the day isn’t perfect, I would still love to get a 2:15. (10:19/mile)

C goal: A PR of any kind…Anything better than 2:20:49, which I ran at the Madison Mini Marathon in 2010, while I was pregnant with Logan. (10:42/mile)


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