Oshkosh Half Marathon…in photos

This was taken somewhere around mile 4-ish (?).  I was feeling pretty awful at this point.  And, my hands were REALLY cold.

I don’t really look like I’m enjoying myself, do I?

My right foot always does that when I run.  It sorta ‘whips’ around.  I don’t think my left foot does that.

Approaching the finish chute.  The last .5 mile was really narrow.  We had to run across a bridge (in the background) and then make a sharp right into the finish area.  There wasn’t a whole lot of room to pass, especially on the bridge.  A lot of runners commented on that in their reviews of the race.

Tim’s shot of me approaching the finish line.  I was giving it everything I had.  And my hands were cold.

I have so many finish line photos of my with my head down, turning off my watch.  But, I am proud of myself for throwing down to beat that girl behind me.  (How white are my legs!!??!)

Post race family shot. It was cold.

It has been a few days since the race.  My legs are still a little tired.  I was hoping to be able to jump right in to my next training plan…I’m working on a PR in the 10K in June…but I think I will take a couple days off.  the last two days of running have left me feeling exhausted, instead of energized.


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