Race goals

Day Jun 9




It’s gonna be a warm one!  I’ve run in warm weather before.  And this is only a 10K.  Most of the course is shaded and I know that there will be people standing in their yards with garden hoses.  Green Bay is very supportive of runners. 

So, given the weather, I’ve tweaked my goals for the race a little bit.

C goal: a PR.  Anything faster than 57:45.  That is what I ran at this race two years ago.

B goal: 55:49.  That is a 8:59 pace.  I have never sustained that pace for 6.2 miles. 

A goal: 54:00.That is an 8:41 pace.  In the heat, that may not be possible.  But I’m going to throw it out there.


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