Random thoughts

Today, I have a pretty random post.

First, I spent the morning blowing up 11 more bags of air (see yesterday’s post).  Today’s sugar of choice was glucose.  Does anyone remember the glucose tolerance test you have to do when you are pregnant?  Same disgusting orange drink.  Just, instead of sitting around for an hour or so and getting some blood drawn, I had to blow into a bag every 15 minutes for three hours.  Tomorrow I’ll be tackling lactose for 4 hours.

I have my third Chemistry lab this afternoon.  I am having mixed feelings about this class.  I don’t mind doing the readings, and I really feel that I am understanding the material.  I have two lab partners and we get through the labs without any problems.  But, I am NOT doing well on the quizzes.  Each chapter has a 10 question quiz.  So, if I get one question wrong, I am already down to a B.  I seem to be having some test anxiety with this class.  I spend so much time fixating over the questions and trying to pick the ‘most correct’ answer, that I end up making mistakes.  Naturally, I am Type A so the possibility of NOT getting an A in this class is causing me all sorts of stress.

I’m contemplating going gluten free for a few weeks to see how it effects my stomach issues.  Does anyone have any good (easy) gluten free recipes?  Bonus points if my whole family will eat them so I don’t have to cook twice!

Wanna know what I love about Wednesdays?  Interval workouts.  I have a limited time after dropping Jaden off at summer school and Logan off at the sitter’s before I have to leave for my Chemistry class.  But, it is the perfect amount of time for 4-6 800 meter intervals.  It is a tough workout that always makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go blow some air in a bag.  Smile


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