June update


We measure the kids every year on their birthdays and their half-birthdays.  Looking over Jaden’s measurements for the last few years makes me feel both nostalgic for the past and excited about what is to come. 

Today marks 4 years since we moved back to Wisconsin.  To say it has been more than we expected would be an understatement.  I am more than thrilled that my kids are getting to grow up around their grandparents.  I have so many great memories (in this house!) of spending time with my family growing up.  There is nothing better.

Since it is the beginning of July, it is time for a June recap!  June was a pretty great month. Yay!


June: 112 miles (this is the most I’ve done since I can remember.  Not sure if it is an all-time high, because Dailymile only goes back 12 months and, until recently, I didn’t have any other record of my training.)

May:  106

April:  101

March:  87

February:  76

January:  63

2012 to date:  545  I am more than halfway to my goal of 1000 miles for the year.  I am super excited at how things are going so far.

Average monthly mileage needed to goal: 76  With marathon training ramping up, I should have no problem reaching this goal.

June long runs: 12.5 miles and 14 miles

June races:  Bellin

June cross-training: Two times on the bike.  12 miles and 19 miles  (I’m shooting for 25 miles today.  My goal is to get on the bike every Sunday for some cross training…and because I really enjoy it.)

Push-ups:  Fail.  I stopped the push ups earlier this month because I was discouraged that I wasn’t making anymore progress.  I am going to be starting again this week with a structured program and this time I have a little bit of accountability because I have friends who are going to do it as well.

training :)


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