No half marathon

I didn’t even get the chance to write the fun race preview for the Red, White and Boom half marathon on July 4th.  I was so excited because this was going to be my husband’s FIRST half marathon.  Instead, we got an email that the course has been downgraded to a five mile race, due to extreme weather conditions.  Sad smile

5-Day Forecast

Ok, so it looks like it will be a little warm.  We are really disappointed.  Not only was I really looking forward to helping Tim through his first half marathon, but we spent a lot of money to do this event.  The race registration was $75 each, and we are staying in a hotel.  Plus paying for gas and meals and everything to get there…this is turning out to be the most expensive 5 mile run ever. (And why 5 miles, why not a 10K?!?!)

We are still going to go, mostly because we can’t get a refund on our hotel, and we will run our 5 miles.  And we will take our finishers medal and our half marathon T-shirt and we will try to be happy about it.  I do hope that the event organizers offer some sort of discount for a future event.  I know that they can’t control the weather, but it would be the right thing to do.

I’m also bummed because I have a costume!

I made this lovely tutu because I thought it would be perfect for a race on July 4th.  You can bet I’m still going to wear it!  (Why do the tendons in my neck get all tense like that every time I take a picture?)

So, now, Tim and I are frantically looking for another half marathon for him to run.  We are considering the Woodbury Country Mile in MN.  The course looks really pretty and it runs around all these small lakes.  But, we would end up having to get another hotel ($$).  Another option is the inaugural Ready! Set! Go! Wausau Half Marathon.  This race would be very convenient (30 minutes away), but what fun is that?!  I am also nervous about doing a small, inaugural event.  What if the organization stinks?  What if it turns out to be a horrible event?  I’ve done inaugural events before, but they have usually been in bigger cities and put on by companies that do a lot of events.

The other issue is that this puts a crimp in my training plan.  this race was going to be my long run for the week.  I only did 8 miles last Saturday.  I took today off and was planning on not running tomorrow (I might change my mind).  I need to do a long run on Saturday now.  I am hoping that someone is going to be available to watch the boys for me.  And if this weather doesn’t cool down, I’ll have to start my run by 5:00.  Yikes!

Have you ever had a race canceled on you?  What’s a girl to do? 


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