Red, White and Boom race recap

Tim and I were supposed to run the Red, White and Boom half marathon this morning.  It was going to be Tim’s first half.  Unfortunately, the weather caused the race organizers to shorten the course to 5 miles.  I still wore my tutu!


Even though it was warm (84 degrees at the start..and really humid), I felt really great the whole time.  It was nice to run with Tim and focus on just enjoying the run together, instead of worrying so much about time. 

The course went through an industrial part of Minneapolis, which was a bit of a bummer.  Not much crowd support and not a single person standing out on their yard with a garden hose to cool off the runners.  Mostly just old buildings that weren’t open yet.  There were some neat views of the city and we ran over a pretty cool bridge. 

According to Tim, we took the first three miles a bit fast (I let him set the pace, really).  We took a walking break around mile 4 (I think). 

Mile 1: 1004

Mile 2: 10:09

Mile 3: 10:37

Mile 4: 11:19

Mile 5: 10:11

Yes, it was hot.  Yes,  it was humid.  If I had been presented with the opportunity to do the half marathon, I still would have done it.  But, I had a good time this morning.  The volunteers did a great job.  We got a medal that says we did a half marathon (oh, well).

There were popsicles at the finish line.  And chocolate milk (my favorite).  We grabbed some beads for the kids and a little foam red, white and blue football for them to play with.

It was nice to get away without the kids…even if it is only for 24 hours.  We will probably do this race next year, since the organizers gave everyone a $25 credit as compensation for having to shorten the course.

Tim to head back home for a family and fun filled 4th of July.  Hope yours is great!


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