Racing again

I have a race on Saturday.  It is a race I have been working very hard on…as part of the organizing team.  I’ve never been involved with race organization before and it is a lot of work.  But, I’ve enjoyed it.  I hope that we have a good turnout.  This race is part of what my community is doing to honor our fallen firefighter.  You can find more information HERE, including how to register.

I always look forward to this event.  This is my 4th year running it.  When I first started running, my goal was to finish the 5K.  I remember being there that first year.  It was unseasonably cool that morning.  I was nervous because I had never run a race before.  Then, I started running into people I hadn’t seen in years.  Everyone was so happy and encouraging.  I ended up doing so much better than I had anticipated.  And when I was done, I swore that I would NEVER run another race ever again.  (ha, ha…I guess I didn’t follow through on that threat)

This year, we are expecting a larger than normal crowd.  I am excited to see everyone there.  I think it is amazing that the community is coming out to support this family and participate in something that Jamison enjoyed.

As for my race, I am doing the 10K this year.  I’ve always done the 5K race, but Tim wanted to do the 10K this year, and I had originally thought that I could use it as another PR attempt.  My last one didn’t go as planned, due to some unrelenting heat and humidity.  I would love to try for another PR, but I think I might wait and see what the morning looks like.  The race starts at 9:00, so it could be pretty warm. 

If you are looking for a race on Saturday morning, I would love to have you come out and join us.


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