Insomnia-fueled 18 miles

Have you ever had one of those nights when you really need to get a good night’s sleep so that you can function the next day?  Last night was one of those nights.  I knew that I needed a good amount of sleep so that I could handle the 18 miles that were on my training plan this morning. 

I went to be around 9:30 with the plan to be asleep by 10:00.  That didn’t happen.  When 11:00 rolled around, I told myself that if I fell asleep right then, I could still get 6 hours of sleep.

Then, it was midnight.  I could still get 5 hours of sleep.  At this point, I noticed that Tim breathes very loudly when he is sleeping.  How can someone breathe so loud?!?  It was infuriating (although, rationally, not his fault).

At 1:00, I could still get 4 hours of sleep.  I can run 18 miles on four hours of sleep.  Except, I wasn’t falling asleep.  So, I moved to the couch.  Bad decision.  From there, I could hear the clock chime every 15 minutes.  It was like a reminder every 15 minutes that I had just lost out on that much sleep.  So, after almost an hour, I went back to bed.

At 2:00, I could still get 3 hours of sleep.  I was a little delusional at this point, and actually considered just getting dressed and heading out for my run right then.  Because it is totally safe to run outside at 2:00 a.m.  Like I said, delusional.

Sometime between 2:30 and 3:00, I actually fell asleep.  Around 4:15, Tim had a dream and shouted out something.  He does this occasionally.  I’ve never been so upset at him for having a dream (again, rationally, not his fault).

At 5:00, my alarm went off and it was time to get moving.  I heated up some white rice (the pre-run meal that tends to keep my stomach under control), put my contacts in (not easy on two hours of sleep) and got dressed.  I put my water and fuel in my mailbox so that I can stop after each loop for hydration.

I got started and, as is typical for me, it took a few miles for me to get my feet under me.  My goal pace for this run was 10:20-10:40 per mile. 

Mile 1: 10:33

Mile 2: 10:29

Mile 3: 10:36

Mile 4: 10:32

Mile 5: 10:35

Mile 6: 10:34

Mile 7: 10:27

Mile 8: 10:44

Mile 9: 10:23

Mile 10: 10:19

Mile 11: 10:25

Mile 12: 10:12

Mile 13: 10:12

Mile 14: 9:58

Mile 15: 10:08

Mile 16: 10:37

Mile 17: 10: 38

Mile 18: 10:05

I actually felt pretty good for most of this run.  The weather was almost perfect when I started.  A couple miles in, it started raining.  Not a really hard rain, but I was definitely getting wet.  I thought about stopping at home to get a visor to keep the rain off my face, but every time I got close to home, the rain would let up and I didn’t feel like stopping.  Eventually, I had to stop.  Just before mile 13, I stopped at home and changed into dry socks and shoes.  I was starting to feel a blister forming on the big toe on my right foot and I didn’t want to let that happen.  I grabbed a visor too.  Naturally, it stopped raining after that.  About 12 miles were run in the rain.  I haven’t run much in the rain, but…you never know what will happen on race day!

I am a little encouraged that my pace is rather consistent.  If I could maintain a 10:25 pace in my marathon, I would finish in 4:33.  That would be amazing.  Of course, there is a big difference between 18 miles and 26.2 miles. 

I have to say that the most encouraging part of this run was that my typical stomach issues were non-existent!  I didn’t have to make a bathroom break at all during this run.  This is huge for me!!  (I did have to prepare for the two days prior to the run, by monitoring what I ate.)  One discouraging note is that my left knee started hurting the last two or three miles.  I even had to take a couple quick walk/stretch breaks.  It was pretty intense and I hope it is nothing serious.  That reminds me, I should get some ice on it.

I was interested to see where my training was at this point for my last marathon.  I had anticipated that I would be doing much better this time around.  After all, I’ve set PRs in both the half marathon and the 10K in the last few months.  So, I checked back and looked over my post from my last 18 miler.  Then, I got discouraged.  I am pretty much exactly where I was two years ago.

My pace today was 10:25.  My pace then was 10:21.  I had really hoped that I would be a stronger, faster, fitter runner.  And, I think I am.  At this point in my training for my first marathon, I didn’t yet know I was pregnant.  I was also dealing with a hip injury for most of my training (I got a cortisone shot to get through the race).  I know that my training started to get really difficult at this point last time…no doubt from the pregnancy.

So, I am still encouraged.  The race is 78 days away.  I have two 20 milers and a 22 miler scheduled for my long runs.  I also have a couple races between now and then.  I’ll be writing a preview for the next two in a day or two.  Here’s a hint…I’m doing two races on the same day!

How did your run go today?  Did anyone else have to run in the rain?


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