Date Day

This weekend, I did two races on the same day.  And I’ll be back with race reports for both of them.  But, the best part of the weekend was the time that Tim and I got to spend together on Sunday.

After Saturday night’s 5K race, Tim and I had a wonderful dinner at Noodles and Co.  It is one of our favorite restaurants.  Then we found a self-serve frozen yogurt place in Green Bay.  Have you ever been to one of these places?  You fill a cup with whatever kind of frozen yogurt you want and then put your own toppings on it.  You pay by the ounce.  We both went a little overboard, but it was delicious.

Then, we spent the night at my cousin’s house in Appleton.  It was awesome to sleep until after 8:00.  Thanks to the grandparents for tag-teaming the child care responsibilities so we could get away for a night.

Sunday morning, we went out for breakfast at this café in Appleton and then we went mini golfing.  I love mini golfing.  There aren’t any local mini golf places where we live and that is just sad.  Sad smile

On one of the holes, there was a spinner where you had to spin to choose what ‘obstacle’ you had to employ on that hole.  Tim had to stand on one leg.

I ended up getting a hole in one on the last hole…yeah, free round!

After golf, we found a nature area that was nearby.

This was a nice nature preserve with a couple different trails of varying lengths. 

We took a round about way to get to one of the look-out towers.

Tim is going to hate that picture, but I think it is hilarious that there is a dragonfly heading toward his head!

We did see a deer off in the bushes behind me.

We also found a geo-cache box.  We weren’t even looking for it, but Tim saw a box and went to investigate what it was.  The only thing we had with us was the gift card for the free round of mini golf I had just won.  So we left it!

As we were heading back to the parking lot, we came upon Turtle Lake. 

We saw a lot of turtles in this lake, including a couple huge ones.  Can you see it?

We needed to start heading home after this, but we did manage to find another self-serve yogurt place first! 

It was a great weekend and so nice to have a day together, away from the boys.  We need to do that more often.


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