This morning, I was getting the boys ready to run to the store.  I had a few things to pick up and I wanted to get a start on Jaden’s school shopping.  I told Jaden to put on shoes and socks so that he could try on some shoes to take to school for gym shoes. 

Jaden’s response was a bit more than I imagined!

“First grade starts today?!?  Woo hoo!  Yeah, yeah!  Oh, yeah!!

I almost didn’t want to tell him that he had a few more weeks to go.  As he was getting dressed, he said:

“When I go to school, I can be out of the house more and I don’t have to listen to Logan cry.”

Once I had everyone loaded into the car, and we were on our way, he said:

“New shoes and school, here we come. I’m so happy I feel like I could explode!”

I am thrilled that he is so excited for school to start.  In all honesty, I’m excited for school to start too.  He is starting to get bored with summer.  Getting him back into a structured environment will certainly be a blessing.  He needs opportunities to get out some energy.  And, Logan will be happy to be able to play without being picked on by his big brother.

Just a couple more weeks…


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