Less than 1%

I read once that less than 1% of the population of this country has ever run a marathon.  Less than 1%.  Think about that for a minute.  One percent.  How many people do you know?  How many facebook friends do you have?  500?  600?  1000?  Do you know 5, or 6, or 10 people who have run a marathon?

Now, if you are a runner, you probably know more than that.  But, that is because you are part of the minority.  And minorities tend to stick together.

I am proud to be a part of the one percent.  I know that I will never be especially fast, or qualify for Boston, or do anything particularly amazing with my running.  But, I have run 26.2 miles, for fun.  And, I’m going to do it again in only 41 days!

But, do you know what is even more impressive than running a marathon?  Running that marathon after having biked for 112 miles and after swimming 2.4 miles.  Think about that for a minute.  Most people can’t run 2.4 miles.  Most people complain if they have to drive 112 miles.  That is a grand total of 140.6 miles…all human powered.  That…is what makes an Ironman.  And I wonder what percentage of the population has done that?!?

Well, last night, I got to watch my friend Dave, cross the finish line of Ironman Louisville (I watched the live feed, I wasn’t in Louisville).  There is nothing more inspiring than watching the finish line of an Ironman.  There were people who crossed the finish line in tears.  There were people who crossed the finish line laughing.  There were people who jumped, crawled, rolled across the finish line.  It was incredible. 

It was so incredible that it has me thinking triathlon!  I had been floating around the idea of doing a Sprint Tri (or Olympic) next year.  Now, I’m wondering if I could do a half Ironman.  That is a total of 70.3 miles…a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run.  I have run several half marathons, and I know I can physically handle that distance (doing it after the other two disciplines would be a challenge).  The most I’ve gone on my bike is about 32 miles, but I am confident that I could train up to 56 miles.  The swim might do me in!  I have never swam competitively.  I don’t even have access to a pool to train.  And the thought of going for more than a mile in open waters, scares the @#**$## out of me.  Still….


Who wants to do it with me?

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