August update

August: 118 (That might be a record for me!)

July: 103

June: 112

May:  106

April:  101

March:  87

February:  76

January:  63

Total for 2012: 766.  I can feel my 1000 mile goal getting closer and closer.  The only issue, is that I started nursing school this week and I suddenly feel that my life isn’t my own anymore.  That is another topic for another day, but I am going to have to work really hard to maintain my momentum heading into the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon…in 37 days!

I need to run another 234 miles to reach my goal.  I will need to average 58.5 miles in each of the last 4 months in order to reach my goal.  I don’t think that will be a problem for September.  I’ll be starting off the month tomorrow with a 22 miler!  I am a little concerned that things may slow down post-marathon.

August long runs: 20 and 20.

August races: None.  *sad face*

Biking: Only one 20 mile ride this month.  I usually ride the day after my long runs, but I started to experience some pain in my hip, so I laid off the biking for a while.  I’ll pick it up again in a couple weeks. (fingers crossed)

Pushups:  I think I was in Week 4 of the 100 push ups challenge at the end of July.  I am currently in my second (and a half) time going through week 5.  This program isn’t easy, but I do feel that I am getting stronger.  So, I’ll keep going, I just won’t get through as quickly as most people.  There is also a program for sit ups and squats.  I may try those after the marathon.

Looking ahead to September: 22 mile training run, Tough Mudder Wisconsin, and tapering for a little thing called a marathon!

What’s on your schedule?


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