First day of school

Today is Jaden’s first day of first grade.  (I started last week.)


(Showing off the new backpack and holding up a 1 for first grade!)

I know that all parent’s say this, but the time really does go quickly.  It is hard for me to believe that I have a first grader (partly because I still feel like I am WAY too young to be an adult). 

(I know it will be a short time before Logan has his own backpack and he’ll be heading off to school, too.) 

Jaden had a rough morning today.  He didn’t want to get out of bed.  He cried when I tried to get him up.  He cried when I told him to get dressed.  He seemed so depressed and almost angry.  It took a long time for us to figure out what was going on with him.  Eventually, Tim was able to get him to open up and talk to us about what was bothering him. 

Jaden figured that in first grade he was going to learn how to read.  He can read some words (when he doesn’t get too frustrated).  He was afraid that if he learned to read, that Tim and I would never read to him anymore.  Poor guy.  I assured him that I would read to him until he was old and grey.  But, once he learns to read, he’ll be able to read to us and read to Logan, too.  I think that made him feel a little better.

There were times that I thought this summer would never end.  I spent a good portion of the summer home with the kids.  I think I have stated before that I am not stay-at-home-mom material.  I think it is awesome that some women choose to stay home full time with their kids.  I know that a lot of moms who work outside the home struggle to find a balance between their families and their careers.  If I am being completely honest, I am SO THRILLED that school is starting.

I had some fun times with the boys this summer, but Jaden has a very short attention span and he needs almost constant stimulation.  In other words, I’m exhausted!  Jaden is going to have so much fun in first grade…and someone else will be in charge of keeping him interested. 

But, the start of school also means the end of summer.  Summer is my favorite.  I love warm weather (I even love hot weather…and we had our fair share of it this year).  I love sunshine.  I love being able to wear shorts and tank tops and flip flops.  I love fresh produce (even though my garden has been a disappointment).  I love race season!  I love tan lines.  I love going for bike rides.  (I don’t love mosquitoes, but I put up with them for all the other stuff.)

Fall means shorter days and cooler weather and veggies that just don’t taste as good because they were shipped across the country first.

But, fall is also marathon time (33 days)!  And pumpkin time.  And apple time.  And football time!!!  And, it is a necessary buffer to get us ready for the cruelty of Wisconsin winters.  Brr!


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