GI update

So, today I spent some time at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  I was referred here by my GI doc in Marshfield.  He is a great doc and I really liked that he took so much time to try to understand my issues.  He is a ‘problem-solver’ and I think he was a bit frustrated that he wasn’t able to solve my ‘problem.’  But, he decided to send me over to Mayo and see if there were some additional tests that could be done there.

I spent some time with a doctor today discussing my symptoms (I’m getting tired of talking about my symptoms).  This doctor seemed great, too.  She asked some questions for clarifications and read over my records that had been sent from Marshfield.

After the exam, she admitted that she wasn’t sure how much they would be able to do.  She thinks that any lifestyle adaptations that might be helpful, are things that I have already tried.  There were a couple minor modifications that I might try…things like adding a bit more fiber, in a pill or powder form, and cutting down on my coffee consumption.

When I first scheduled today’s appointment, I was told to plan on being here for 3 days.  Before I left today, the doctor scheduled a test for tomorrow afternoon.  She also wants to schedule one more appointment, but the third appointment can’t be scheduled until the results of tomorrow’s test are available.  I have little hope that I will be able to get in for that third appointment tomorrow.  I have a feeling that I won’t get in until Friday morning for that one.

It is tough being away from Tim and the boys, but it is so important to me that this problem gets taken care of.  I hate that my GI issues have such a huge, negative impact on my quality of life.  I can’t just decide to go for a run whenever I want to.  I want to believe that throughout this process, some progress can be made.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of hope right now.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Have you ever been to the Mayo Clinic? The place is massive and so nice.  It is almost too fancy…but I guess most of the marble and decorative stuff was donated.


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