Monday Musings

I should always go to bed before Tim.  I was up late last night studying and Tim was already asleep when I finally got to bed.  He snores.  It is tough for me to fall asleep when he is snoring.  So, I was already up late because of the homework, and then I got even less sleep because it took me so long to be able to tune out his snoring.

Delayed onset muscle soreness.  I am dragging today.  My awesome team and I completed Tough Mudder Wisconsin on Saturday and my muscles are just howling at me today.  I’ll be back with a full recap of the event, but I’ll just say… It. Was. Awesome!

I spent the last part of last week at Mayo clinic trying to figure out the origin of my GI issues when I run.  The consensus seems to be that it is neuromuscular.  Basically, it doesn’t matter what I eat (or don’t eat), my body isn’t functioning properly and running is exacerbating the problem.  I met with a therapist who thinks I may have some success with biofeedback training.  She was going to write up her findings and talk to the doc.  We’ll see what happens.

Nursing school is tough.  Seriously.  I am exhausted and there is a TON to learn and remember and recall.  I had my first quiz this morning (100%) and  that made me feel great.  After two solid weeks of practicing my Focused Cardiovascular and Respiratory Assessment, my name wasn’t picked to demonstrate it today.  But, I really knew my stuff!  Just ask Tim…I practiced on him a lot.  Up next…Focused Neurological Assessment.  That should be fun for Tim!

Hope you are all having a great Monday!


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