2012 Races

I ran 13 races in 2012.  That’s kinda a lot!  And I loved it!

So I thought I would do a race recap for the year.

Most Difficult: Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon.  Not because of the race itself, which was actually not too bad, but because of the months of trying to fit in the training. 

Most Fun: Tough Mudder!  Doing a race with 7 other friends, was the best experience ever!

Most Surprising: Green Bay Packer 5K.  I managed to run a PR after completing a duathlon that morning!

Most Disappointing:  Red, White and Boom half marathon.  It was supposed to be Tim’s first half marathon, but because of the heat, they shortened the course to only 5 miles.

Most Organized: Probably the Hub Cities Duathlon.  Even though this was only their second year, they made some changes from the previous year.  The transitions were a breeze and there were a lot of volunteers.

Least Organized: Lama Trot.  The 5K that wasn’t.  I hope that this race can regroup for next year.

Race I can’t wait to run again:  This one is easy.  Definitely the Tough Mudder! 

I managed to set a bunch of PRs this year.  Half marathon PR at the Oshkosh Half marathon.  5K PR several times, but the most recent was at the Hewitt Pumpkin Run.  10K PR twice, but most recently at the Jamison Kampmeyer Memorial Run. Marathon PR at the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon.  5 mile PR at the Festival Foods Turkey Trot.  15K PR (first every 15K) at the Noodleini.

I am looking ahead to some races for 2013.  I won’t be doing a marathon next year, but I want to do as many half marathons as I can.  I also have some local races on my calendar and I want to coach a Couch to 5K group this summer.  And I’m hoping I can get Tim to do a couple duathlons with me.  He’ll love them (I hope).

So tell me…what was your favorite race from 2012?  What race are you looking forward to in 2013?


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