December update

December: 115 (this proves that I can have a 100+ mile month when I’m not training for anything)

November:  87

October:  82

September:  121

August: 118

July: 103

June: 112

May:  106

April:  101

March:  87

February:  76

January:  63

Total for 2012: 1171

I have to say that I am pretty excited to have met (and exceeded) my mileage goal for 2012.  I have set the goal to run 1000 miles for each of the last two years.  In 2010, I got pregnant with Logan and that ended my goal for that year…and the next year.  This year, everything worked out.  I was able to run well all year.  I remained injury-free (knock on wood), and didn’t have to take any significant time off.  Training for a marathon didn’t hurt those mileage totals, either!

December long runs: None to speak of.  I did a few run-for-an-hour days on the treadmill.  I’m just working on maintaining my fitness so that I can head into half marathon training in January.

December races: Hot Chocolate Fun Run.

Push ups: I have completely fallen off the push up bandwagon.  It just wasn’t fun any more.  I may try to do some other type of arm/back work…or maybe just bicep curls.

Sit ups: See above!  Actually, I hurt my back (more accurately, my trapezius) doing crunches earlier this month.  I think I will stick to planks.  I’m working on a goal in regards to planks for 2013.  But first, I need someone to time me to see what my baseline is.

Upcoming races: I’m working on my race schedule for 2013.  There are a lot of races that I want to do, but finances may be the limiting factor. 

How was your December?


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