Looking toward 2013


I like to set goals.  I think I’ve said that before.  Goals give me something to work toward.  Goals give me a reason to make a plan.  I like plans.  Plans give me structure.  I like structure. 

So, every year when January 1st rolls around, I get all jazzed to start setting goals.

As always, I have a slew of running/fitness related goals.

The biggest one is that I want to run 13 half marathons in 2013.  It just seems like the perfect year to focus on a 13 mile race!  I like the effort of the half marathon, and I LOVE that the training doesn’t have to monopolize all of my time. 

I am working on my list of races that I want to do, but I may have to pick the cheapest ones.  If anyone has any connections to any local races, let me know.  I’d be more than happy to blog about an event for a reduced entry fee.  Or, if you own a business and you want to plaster your logo on me and pay for my race entry, that would be awesome too!  I run in the middle of the pack, so a LOT of people will see your logo!

My other big, running-related goal is to finally break 2:00 in the half marathon.  I have a training plan put together.  I’m hoping that I can accomplish this goal at the Oshkosh half marathon in April.  That is the ‘A’ race I am shooting for.  I ran it last year and it is a flat course that is perfect for a PR.  I am planning on starting my training at the end of January.  I know the pace I need to keep and I have been working on increasing my ‘easy’ pace over the last 6 weeks or so.  My training plan is a little daunting, but I’ll share it with you guys when the time comes.

My next goal is also fitness related.  I spent much of 2012 working on push ups.  I never made it to 100 consecutive push ups because I just ran out of motivation.  It was pretty fun to be able to pound out sets of 40 or more, but at some point I lost my drive to continue.  However, I liked feeling strong and I want to have another core/strength goal to work towards.

I am going to work on planks this year.  Instead of focusing on sets of push ups (or crunches), I want to be able to hold a plank for 5 minutes.  This doesn’t seem like something that would be impossible.  I recently tried to see how long I could hold a plank and I collapsed around the 1:00 mark.  Five minutes seems like a realistic goal.  I should probably include side planks, as well.

If I remember, I also want to do some squats.  I need to work on some definition in my glutes/thighs.  Maybe I’ll do some bicep curls too…I’d like some definition there, too.

I also have nursing school goals.  These are a little less concrete.  I want to keep my focus on the ultimate goal.  I know that by May of 2014, I will have the letters ‘RN’ after my name.  Between now and then, I have a lot of work to do.  I want to continue to work hard, learn as much as I can, and not get too stressed out over grades.  The main focus is to learn; and good grades are a beneficial side effect.

I also want to set the goal of planning at least two short get-a-ways with Tim during 2013.  These can just be a quick weekend away for a race or something, but it needs to be without the kids.  We need to be more intentional about spending time together.  I’d like to say that we are going to get at least one ‘date night’ a month, but when I go back to school, I will not have time to plan things. 

And, even though I get super busy with school, I need to remember that my kids will never be this age again.  I have to be more intentional about enjoying this time with them. 


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