Early registrations

It is not even the middle of January, and I have already signed up for two races.

The first is the Point Bock Run.  It is a 5 mile run on March 2nd.  I ran this race a few years ago and it has become much more popular recently.  Registration opened at noon on January 1st.  By around 2:00 pm on January 2nd, their facebook page notified everyone that the event was sold out.  I was surprised that a relatively small 5 mile race in Wisconsin would sell out in just over 24 hours.

The second race is Tough Mudder Wisconsin.  This race isn’t until September 7th.  It seems like a long way off, but the event is rather expensive (and includes mandatory insurance).  So, the earlier you register, the cheaper it ends up being.  Tim and I both registered this week so that we could get the cheapest registration.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t registered for any half marathons.  I have several that are on my ‘wish list,’ but I haven’t pulled the trigger on any registrations.  If you know of any inexpensive half marathons in Wisconsin, let me know!

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