Date Days

It is important to take time out of a busy schedule to spend some quality time with your spouse.  Tim and I have made an extra effort to do this while I have been on break from school.  We have been enjoying what we’ve called Monday Date Days. 

I had Tim take a couple vacation days.  Mondays worked best for us because my dad doesn’t work on Mondays and he was able to provide us with some free child care! 

We started our month of date days on New Year’s Day.  Tim didn’t need to take a day off for that one.  We went and saw The Hobbit.

I’m not a fan of Tolkien and I didn’t have huge expectations going in.  Tim has been looking forward to this movie for a long time.  The movie pretty much was exactly as I anticipated…big budget, lots of special effects, Peter Jackson over the top.  It didn’t suck and we will probably end up watching the other two when they come out.  Tim loves both Tolkien and Peter Jackson.

The following Monday, Tim took the day off and we journeyed out on another date day.  This time, we had to do some shopping first…including picking up my textbooks for second semester (we are so romantic).  We decided to see Les Miserables.

Tim had no desire to see this movie because he “doesn’t like musicals.”  But, I persisted and convinced him that he would like the story.  After the movie, while I was still crying, I asked him what he thought.  He told me he couldn’t talk about it right now.  He was crying.  Great movie.  Tim loved it.  I loved it.  Emotionally draining.

Last Monday, Tim took another day off work and we went to see Django Unchained.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this one.  I knew it was Tarantino, but I am not a huge fan of most of his previous work.  However, I had seen some interviews with some of the cast and everyone talked about how incredible this movie was, so we went to see it.  What can I say?  Tarantino doesn’t mess around.  It was violent and gruesome and a bit tongue-in-cheek.  I went into the movie expecting to like it.  I finished the movie realizing that this was not the type of movie I should like.  But, I did. 

Today, we are off for our last Monday Date Day.  Tim didn’t need to take the day off because it is a postal holiday.  We are going to see Silver Linings Playbook. 

I had to work to convince Tim to see this one.  His vote was for Zero Dark Thirty, but I wanted something less violent.  Once he watched the trailer for Silver Linings, he acquiesced. 

I’m going to be a little bummed that we can’t continue our Monday Date Days.  But, I start school next Monday and I will be supremely busy until at least March.  Things will slow down a little bit then and pick up again in April through May.  (My clinical schedule is really busy in February and then I have a bit of a reprieve in March.)

You know what else starts next week?  Half marathon training!  Granted, I’ve been working hard the last couple months to maintain my fitness.  I’ve been doing intervals and some long-ish runs of 8 miles or so.  Today, I even did some inclines (which I hate). 

Trying to juggle school and work and family and half marathon training is going to be a challenge.  But, I’ve never backed down from a challenge, right?  🙂  I’ll try to keep posting about how it is going.

What’s the last movie you saw?


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