Week in training

My first week of half marathon training has gone pretty well.  Here is a bit of a recap:  (Plan vs. Actual)

Sunday: 6×400 first interval at 8:20 pace and increasing speed with each interval. 6×400 starting at an 8:20 pace and working up to a sub-7:00 pace.  Total of 3 miles (including warm up and cool down).

Monday: 4 miles easy, with some inclines.  4 miles easy, with some inclines.  I dislike inclines.

Tuesday: 6 miles, with 4 miles at half marathon tempo (HM tempo) pace of 9:05.  6 miles with the middle 4 at tempo.  This was a rough run due to some GI issues.

Wednesday: 3 miles easy.  I was able to get out of school early due to some crappy weather.  After a slow, nerve-wracking drive on slippery roads, I took it easy for 3 miles.

Thursday: rest.  Rest

Friday: 3 miles easy.  3 miles easy.

Saturday: 9 miles.  9 miles

First week of the training plan and I managed to get all my workouts in.  Awesome!

I also signed up for another race.  I’ll be doing the Two Rivers 10 Mile on March 17th.  This is the first year they are doing this race.  I’m looking at it as a long training run in my half marathon training plan. 

So, I have 3 races on the schedule so far for 2013, the year of the half marathon.  None of those races are half marathons.  I need to rethink this!


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