Week in training (2/9/13)

Here is what my week in training was supposed to look like: (vs what it actually looked like)

Sunday: 4 miles easy 4 miles easy

Monday: 6×400 intervals 6×400 intervals

Tuesday: 6 miles easy.  (I may change this to a tempo run.) 6 miles easy pace.  The effort was not as easy….there was NO WAY I was going to add tempo.

Wednesday: 4 miles (possibly might add some incline work)  3 miles, no incline.  Super tired and no motivation.

Thursday: rest day.  I’ll be at the hospital all day for clinical.  Rest!

Friday 4 miles easy 4 miles easy, added a couple minor inclines

Saturday: 6 miles. 6 miles, last mile at tempo.

I had a super busy week with school.  In fact, the only reason I have time to write this right now, is because I’m waiting for our dinner to finish cooking and I can’t study in the kitchen with two loud kids running around and a dog underfoot!


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