Training plan (2/10/13)

This week might be even more crazy than last week, if that is even possible.  Here is what the training looks like:

Sunday: 6×400…already done!

Monday: 4 miles easy before school

Tuesday: 6 miles with 4 at half marathon tempo.  Really unsure that this will happen.  I am doing an OR observation that morning, so I’ll be up extra early and I’m not sure what time I’ll be home. And Jaden is testing out for his high white belt at tae kwon do that night,so I know I won’t be able to do it in the evening.  I really hope I get home in time to get it done.

Wednesday: Rest.  I’ll be at clinicals all day.

Thursday:  4 miles easy, or 10 miles.  It will depend on when my cousin plays his basketball game on Saturday.

Friday: 3-4 easy

Saturday: 10 miles or 4 miles.  If Garrett’s game is early, I will have to do the 10 miler on Thursday.  If he plays later, I should have time to get 10 miles in before the game (if I can find a sitter).

Here’s hoping everything goes well.  I’m going to get back to my homework.  Have a good week!


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