My crazy life

Sometimes, I have so much going on that I lose my motivation to do anything. 

That is what is going on right now.  School is overwhelming.  Seriously, I feel like I have my books permanently attached to my body.  I can hardly find time to breathe because I feel like there is always studying that I should be doing.  I have a test on Monday that I am very stressed about.

Running hasn’t been the ‘high’ that I want (need?) it to be.  I am putting in the miles because the training plan says to.  And because I know that I need to.  It will all pay off in the end, right?

Yesterday, was Logan’s 2nd birthday.  I wish that I could have made it more special for him.  Instead, my sister (who lives in Iowa) ordered him a cake and had my mom drop it off.  We were literally rushing to open his gift at bedtime.  Try putting a toddler to bed after you’ve just given him new toys (and cake).  Genius!


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