Week in Training 2/16/18

Another full, busy, stressful week.  The plan vs. the actual

Sunday: 6×400 6×400

Monday: 4 miles easy before school 4 miles easy

Tuesday: 6 miles with 4 at half marathon tempo.  6 with 4 at half marathon tempo.  Tough to get this one in.  Had an OR observation on Tuesday so I was on my feet all day and had been up since super-early in the morning. Glad I was able to get this run done.

Wednesday: Rest.  Rest!  Yippee.

Thursday:  4 miles easy, or 10 miles. 4 miles with a couple inclines.  I hate inclines.

Friday: 3-4 easy.  3 easy

Saturday: 10 miles or 4 miles.  Garrett’s game was at 1:00.  My dad agreed to come and tae the boys to Jaden’s tae kwon do class this morning, so that I could get started with my run early enough to finish 10 miles.  The 10 miles were awesome!  It was the furthest I have ever run on my treadmill, but it didn’t feel boring or anything.  I am just one of those strange people who enjoys the treadmill.

In other news this week, I applied for the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon.   The race is June 22nd but I think they announce the lottery winners this month.  I don’t know what my chances are, since it is a completely random lottery.  Cross your fingers!


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