February month in review

February mileage: 106.  Not bad for a short month, and with all the stuff that I’ve had going on the last week and a half.  All miles were run on the treadmill.

January: 121

Total for 2013: 227

February long runs: 9 and 10, both on the treadmill.

Planks:  I started adding some side planks this month.  At the end of January, I was able to hold a simple, straight plank for 1:50.  This month, I maxed out at 2:15.  I know that I can hold it longer if I alternate between regular and side planks.  Maybe for March, I’ll try to alternate side and regular and see how long I can hold it.

February races: None

Upcoming Races: Point Bock Run on March 2nd.  Two Rivers 10 mile race on March 17th.

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