Point Bock Run Preview

I ran this race several years ago. (Found the link!)  Even though it was three years ago, I remember this event fondly.  I tried to run the race last year, but registration filled up before I could get in on the action.  This year, I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to register at noon on January 1st.  Good thing I did.  By mid-afternoon of January 2nd, it was sold out! (25 hours)

I don’t really know what my goals are for this race.  I’d like to run well and have a good time, but those are so vague.  I’m just not a fan of vague goals.  Hard to evaluate if you’ve succeeded.

So, I’ll come up with my typical A, B and C goals.

When I ran the race in 2010, I finished in an even 47 minutes.  My race pace is faster than that these days, but I’m not sure how hard I want to work!  This isn’t a goal race, but it is a good chance to get in some speed work before my goal half marathon in April.

C goal: 46:00 (9:12/mile)

B goal: 44:00 (8:48/mile)

A goal: 42:00 (8:24/mile)

If I remember correctly, my 10K race pace is somewhere around 8:35/mile.  My 5K race pace is around 8:15-ish/mile.  I think I am capable of running this in 42:00, but I don’t know if I want to. 

Then, there is the weather.  It is the first weekend in March, in Wisconsin.

I’ll probably end up taking along a bunch of clothes and evaluate what I should wear when I get there the race starts at noon, so it shouldn’t be too bad. 

I’m not super motivated to run right now, so I have no idea how my body will respond.  I can only hope that I get a good night’s sleep.


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