Week in training 3/9/13

Another week of training has come and gone.  Time flies when you’re super busy!  Here is what the Plan vs. Actual looked like for the week

Sunday: Recovery Run  3 miles easy.  Felt OK the day after the Point Bock Run.  My shins were a bit sore.  I think that is because it was the first time I had run outside, on the streets, in months.

Monday: 4  4 before school

Tuesday: 5 with some inclines  5, added some minor inclines.  I STILL hate running hills.  I do it because I know I’m supposed to.  Kinda like eating my veggies (actually, nothing like that.  I LOVE veggies!)

Wednesday: 6 easy  6 easy

Thursday: 3 before work  3 before work

Friday: Rest  Rest

Saturday: 11  11 miles…all on the treadmill.

I learned that my treadmill turns off automatically after 100 minutes.  Because, obviously, NO ONE would ever want to run more than 100 minutes on the treadmill.  Except me!  But, once it shut off, I turned it back on and only had half a mile left.

Pretty good week, I think.


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