Two Rivers 10 Mile Race Preview

This Sunday I will be participating in the inaugural Two Rivers 10 Mile race.  Inaugural races make me a little nervous.  I’ve had a bad experience with inaugural races in the past.  (Remember the Lama Trot?)  I hope that this event is as well organized as their website seems to be.

This is my first ever 10 mile race, so it will be an automatic PR!  I should be excited as race day nears, but I am still struggling with a lack of motivation.  I just can’t seem to get myself interested in racing.  I have a couple other events on the calendar for the spring, and I am hoping that my motivation returns at some point.

Back to this race….the race is on Sunday morning.  I am going to drive over to Two Rivers (about a 3 hour drive) on Saturday afternoon, once Tim gets off work.  The expo runs until 7:00pm on Saturday at the high school.  My plan is to pick up my stuff and then find a quick spot to eat…hopefully someplace with free wifi so that I can get some homework done.

I am going to spend the night at the home of a friend from high school.  She was kind enough to open her home so that I can crash there.  I’m an easy house guest.  I even bring my own breakfast.  All I need is a shower and a microwave!

The race starts at 8:00 and the website touts ample parking at the high school.  My plan is to get up by 6:00, shower, eat and drive the roughly 8 miles to the school.  I’m hoping to get there about 7:15.  I might change this plan based on what I see from the expo.  If the start line is right next to the parking lot, I might not need to be there so early.  But, I like to have enough time for one last trip to the porta potty and then get into the starting area.

I’m having a hard time setting goals for this race.  I’ve never done a 10 mile race before, so I don’t have much to compare.  I did a 15K last November (9.3 miles), but it was super cold and I wasn’t feeling well that day.  I pretty much phoned it in for that race.

When I scheduled this race, I was hoping to use it as a barometer to see how my race-pace training has been going for the Oshkosh Half Marathon I’ll be doing next month.  I’m hoping that I can maintain my goal race pace for the duration of the 10 miles.  If I can, it will go a long way in building my confidence for the half marathon.

So, with all that said, here are the goals for Sunday’s race…

C Goal:  1:38:20 (9:50/mile…a bit faster than my 15K pace)

B Goal: 1:35:10 (9:31/mile…pace I use for all my long runs)

A Goal: 1:31:30 (9:09/mile…half marathon goal pace)

Of course, since I live in Wisconsin, and it is March, there is weather to be concerned about.  (boo)

24 degrees is going to suck!  And that is the high temp, so it is going to be considerably cooler than that at 8:00 a.m. for the start.  The 20% chance of snow is not something that I would enjoy.  Actually, the thing I am most worried about is the wind.  The course goes along the lake and I just hope that it isn’t a really cold, lake wind.

The website says that it is a flat, fast course, so hopefully my diligent minimal incline work won’t come back to bite me!!  And they have an indoor prerace gathering area.  Good thing, considering the forecast!

Wish me luck!  I’ll be back with a race recap next week.


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